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Villiers International Private Jet Charter

With over 10,000 private aircraft travelling to over 40,000 destinations, Villiers offers simple and easy travelling to anywhere in the world. Villiers operates the largest global network of private aircraft to provide you with the biggest choice and the best value. Whatever your purpose for travelling you will receive a first class service that will get you to your chosen destination in the quickest time.

Charter Your Flight Today


To book a flight through Elite Essentials visit Villiers for a full list of global destinations - Travel in style.



Business Hire

Travel on a private jet hire and your business day won't skip a beat. Travel from thousands of destinations around the world without any lengthy lay-overs. You will have a 24/7 account manager who will respond to your every need. Whilst on your plane you will have the space and quiet you need to focus on work or discuss matters with colleagues. You will reach your destination in the quickest time and will be met by a luxury vehicle to take you where you need to be. To book a flight through Elite Essentials, click here.






Private VIP Hire

Travel on a private jet hire and you will experience the most comfortable seating, amazing cabin service and complete privacy. Dedicated staff will be on hand to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless journey. You will be able to rest and relax whilst you are served complimentary food and drink aboard your private jet. Whilst check ins and check outs will be quick and painless. You will arrive at your destination refreshed and reinvigorated. To book a flight through Elite Essentials, click here.





The Private Jet Hire Experience


Never wait for a commercial flight again. Travel with Villiers jet charter and you can take off and land when you want. Checking in is simple, quick and easy and will last 15 minutes at the most. You won't have to share terminals with any other passengers and you will get to your destination in the quickest possible time.


If you have privacy concerns, then travelling by private jet is the only way to travel. You may have confidential matters to discuss with colleagues or you may not want to be seen embarking on a plane. Whatever your purpose, you can be sure that all journeys made on a private jet will be completely confidential.


Travelling on a private plane you will experience the ultimate way to travel. You will be flown by highly skilled and experienced pilots. You will be looked after by warm and responsive cabin attendants who will serve freshly prepared food and high end beverages. If you have any specific requests, your crew will do all they can to accommodate your needs.


If you are travelling for business purposes you will have the time and space you need to concentrate on work or discuss matters with colleagues. There are few restrictions when you travel on a private jet hire and the lack of lay-overs means your productivity will never drop even when you're on the move.



Private flights. Shared.

With a Villiers jet charter, you can offset the cost of travelling by sharing your private jet. If you have unused capacity in your plane you can share the cost, to make your journey even more cost-effective. 

Alternatively you can search the Villiers private flight database to quickly see available space on future flights.